Tokenization makes Private Capital Markets
Transparent, Efficient & Liquid

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Security token creation

Creating Security Tokens to benefit all asset classes, including but not limited to :

The Monolith Advantage

Your Comprehensive Real Estate Platform Solution

Customized Funding Platform

Tailor a platform specific to your real estate vision, allowing you to craft and control your investment narrative.

Streamlined Digital Processes

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork. Our platform digitizes and automates numerous tasks, from financing to investor management, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Enhanced Cap Table Management

Benefit from our advanced share cap table module, facilitating precise tracking and distribution of shares among investors.

Multi-Currency Investments

Cater to a global audience with the ability to accept investments in a wide array of currencies, ensuring inclusivity and wider reach

Robust Security with Smart Contracts

Trust in our thoroughly audited smart contracts to ensure utmost safety and security, offering peace of mind to both organizers and investors.

Instant Liquidity Access

Enjoy the convenience of instant asset liquidity via our OTC marketplace, providing flexibility to your investment journey.

Transparent Stakeholder Engagement

Organize and manage shareholder meetings, voting sessions, and other interactions with ease, fostering trust and transparency.

Efficient Electronic Signatures

Expedite documentation and agreements with our seamless electronic signature feature.

Exchange & Custodian Compatibility

Our tokens are crafted to integrate seamlessly with major exchanges and custodians, ensuring versatility and ease of operations for all stakeholders.

Benefits for the Asset Owner

Personalized Crowdfunding Platform

Establish a unique footprint in the real estate market with a custom-built crowdfunding platform tailored to your preferences and brand identity.

Efficiency Through Automation

Transition from traditional methods to a digitized platform that automates myriad processes, from financing to investor management. This not only saves time but also ensures precision and reduces manual errors

State-of-the-Art Share Management

Utilize our advanced cap table module to gain a comprehensive overview of share distribution, making it easier to manage and track ownership structures.

Global Investment Opportunities

Expand your investor base by catering to global markets, with a system that seamlessly handles investments in a wide range of currenci

Guaranteed Transactional Security

Instill confidence in your operations with our smart contracts, which undergo meticulous auditing. This ensures transactions are not only smooth but also highly secure.

Prompt Liquidity Access

Capitalize on the flexibility of quick asset conversion with our OTC marketplace, offering you instant liquidity when you need it most.

Engage with Stakeholders Effectively

Facilitate and manage shareholder interactions, from meetings to votes, fostering a transparent and inclusive environment for decision-making.

Rapid Documentation

Expedite and simplify documentation processes with our integrated electronic signature system, ensuring a smooth and prompt completion of agreements.

Versatile Token Utility

Enhance your operational reach as our tokens are designed for effortless compatibility with major exchanges and custodians

Benefits for Investors

Liquidity Boost

Easily trade or sell tokens in secondary markets, converting traditionally illiquid real estate assets into more liquid forms

Fractional Ownership

Invest in high-value properties with a smaller capital outlay, enabling diverse portfolios even for small-scale investors.

Reduced Entry Barriers