Process of tokenization

Monolith`s asset tokenization powered by Tassets is a groundbreaking method that transforms real-world assets, whether tangible like real estate or intangible like patents, into digital tokens using the power of blockchain technology. This process ensures that these assets can be divided, traded, and invested in with much greater ease than traditional methods. By representing assets as tokens on a blockchain, they can be more securely and transparently tracked, reducing the potential for fraud.

Process of tokenization image

By following these streamlined steps, you can ensure a smooth transition into the world of tokenized assets.

Asset Selection and Security Type

Establishing a Legal Framework

Technological Implementation

Asset Distribution and Monitoring

A Pioneering Collaboration

Setting the New Gold Standard in Investor Management Platforms for Real Estate Institutions.

Effortless Subscription Process

From expressing interest to completing e-signed subscription agreements, our platform ensures a fluid investor journey, including thorough accreditation and KYC verifications.

Real-time Investment Monitoring

Real estate and alternative assets are typically illiquid, often requiring large capital investments and lengthy transaction processes

Centralized Project Updates

Firms can seamlessly deliver project updates, allowing investors to receive fresh insights and review previous updates all in one convenient location.

Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

Many tokenized platforms ensure that real estate tokens adhere to local regulations, providing an added layer of assurance to investors.

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