Utilize advanced crypto trading features and enjoy securedecentralized services without registration.

Trading platform

Multichain support

Customers may choose any crypto from their wallet to pay

Amm liquidity

Customer confirm direct transfer or swap & transfer transaction to pay

Leverage trading

Both Business and Client will be notified when transaction been completed

bitoftrade widget

A web object that works independently and can be embedded into any web page, allowing users to connect their wallet and invest any available token in the user’s balance for services or buy any other token or NFT without leaving the hosting site.

Cross-chain trading

Swap tokens between multiple blockchains with the lowest fees on the market, an intuitive UI, and complete transparency.

Complete DeFi platform


There are no hidden exchange fees. You’ll receive a full summary of the fees you pay before the transaction is executed.


We are a fully decentralized exchange platform secured on chains.


You can use the bitoftrade features with your crypto wallet without verification and KYC

High-class support

We provide the best customer service
with personal care and quick responses via user friendly channels


bitoftrade platform utilizes solutions built on top of leading blockchains

Fiat Gateway

Buy & sell crypto for fiat. More than 40 traditional currencies and 250 cryptocurrencies are available

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